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We are a small home automation business that sells out of our home. We are located in Dundee, Ohio, which is a small rural community about 30 miles south of Canton. All of the items we sell are exactly as you would receive if you ordered them directly from, X-10 PRO, or They are brand new in their original factory boxes with all the hardware and instructions/manuals as you would receive from them. The biggest difference is the price--we are a lot cheaper than you buying direct from X10 or Smarthome but the quality is still the same. We buy in large quantities to get a low price and pass those savings onto you, our customers.

We have been selling online for over 10 years. When we first started out, it was just as a side business for a little extra income. Then we opened an eBay store in 2002 and began selling home automation full time. However, in 2009 they have made so many changes on eBay that makes it harder to compete. They mucked up their search engine, eliminated cash and money order payments, increased the time it takes for their pages to load with banner adds and fancy graphics, and basically just made it harder to sell (and buy) on eBay. The final kicker was when figuring up taxes and looking back on the fees we paid to eBay in 2008, we decided that we could live pretty well on the money spent on eBay's fees alone. So we decided it's time for an online site off of eBay with none of their meddling or greedy fingers in our business. We still have a presence on eBay, but we will be greatly expanded our new site here. If you don't see items that you may want, keep checking our site as eventually we may have it.ver

Since we don't pay any eBay fees, we can offer lower prices on just about everything in comparison to the prices in our eBay store. On our new site here, we now offer USPS First Class Mail shipping as an option in addition to Priority Mail. This can result in an even better price than buying from our eBay store for smaller one or two item orders.

We chose to offer only Priority Shipping in our eBay store because they can not get the 2 shipping classes to combine in any sort of sensible manner that works without overcharging on shipping. As a seller, if you use one option or the other, it works well, but when you want to offer both and combine them together, eBay is unable to calculate the correct shipping amount. For some reason this concept seems to elude the eBay techs in that they can't (or won't) fix their "checkout" system to meet with USPS rules for shipping. With the USPS (post office), items up to 13 ounces can ship First Class Mail. Anything over 13 ounces needs to go either Parcel Post or Priority Mail. If you have a 32 ounce package to ship, in the real world, it would ship as one 2 pound Priority Mail package. In the world of eBay, it would ship as 3 packages. Rather than their system charging for one 32 ounce package, it charges the customer for two 13 ounce and one 6 ounce packages. This is just plain stupid to ship 3 packages when it can all fit into one.

The checkout system on this new site actually works like it should in the real world, makes sense, and meets with USPS weight standards. Plus it is an actual shopping cart system that allows you to add or remove items from your cart. Then when you are ready to pay, you can see what the total cost (including shipping) will actually be. With eBay, their is no cart to speak of and you don't know what the shipping cost will be for your order until you have actually committed to purchasing the items. This new site eliminates all of the uncertainty and general BS associated with buying on eBay.

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