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My Experience on Why Selling
on eBay Just Plain Sucks
for Sellers

I have set up this page to show the absolute worthlessness of eBay's seller protection policy and how they ALWAYS side with the buyer. They supposedly have this farcical policy that protects sellers from bad customers. Maybe someday the seller protection policy will actually do that.

From my own experience selling on eBay, the seller is always responsible and is at fault no matter what the buyer does. EBay automatically assumes that whatever is wrong that is must be the fault of the seller or something that the seller did wrong. They assume that if an item does not work that it must be the seller is knowingly selling faulty products. They never consider that the buyer may not know how to use it or is trying to use it for something that it can't do. No matter, it's still something the seller did wrong and he is at fault.

Even when the buyer does not read the item description, the instructions, or even views the pictures of what he is buying, according to eBay the seller is at fault. A buyer can pull what ever reason out of their backside so they can return it at the sellers expense and eBay will side with the buyer every single time.

For a long time I have felt this might be true but always gave eBay the benefit of the doubt until today 4-14-2015. Today was the absolute final last straw, an absolute epiphany. So I decided to share my story on a dedicated page where I show what the item was, the correspondence with the customer after the sale in the dispute he filed, and eBay's response.

I have seen it multiple times over the years. I have read where other sellers would complain about eBay and how they are treated and I used to think "ah, bunch of whiny babies, whah, whah, whah." Turns out, I was wrong. Those stories are absolutely true.

It doesn't matter if you sell something with or without a return policy or what your return policy may be, eBay will simply override any and all policies that you have when selling on their site. So why do they want sellers to even have a clear policy for returns and or exchanges? They never follow it. They stick their nose right up in your business and completely overrule any policy that you have clearly set up.

If the buyer doesn't want to pay to ship an item back, no problem, just claim it's defective, eBay will take the buyers side and stick it to the seller. Even if it is an item that clearly states the item has been tested and works, you can still claim it does not and eBay will side with the buyer. You can even test the item before shipping to be absolutely sure without the slightest shadow of a doubt and know 100% in your heart that the item you are shipping does work completely as you advertise it, and eBay will still side with the buyer. You can bet money on it!

Like the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousands words. Well, if going by that logic, the following 10 images are worth about 10,000 words.

The following images are screenshots of the item a customer bought from me with all the information as he saw it when he bought it. He actually bought 6 of the remotes. I have since made some revisions to the description that are even more detailed in what the remote does and does not do. So in all fairness, it is best to only show what info was available to the customer at the time when he bought them.

As you can see, I have listed that these do not arm or disarm the security system. They only set it off in a panic or emergency situation. Anyone who knows X10 and the KR15A security panic button should know what I mean when I say it is like a keychain version of the KR15A. I state that these are old remotes that predate (made before) the KR15A, KR19A, and KR10A keychain remotes so as to avoid anyone possibly thinking that this is one of those newer model number keychain remotes. Believe it or not, even with this, people are stupid enough to think they are the KR10A which clearly demonstrates the fact that people do not read. No matter, it's the sellers fault according to eBay.

I state that there are no returns on these and that they are clearance items. I don't know how this can possibly be misunderstood by anyone. No matter, even if the customer doesn't understand it, eBay will still force the seller to take them back and then stick the seller with all the fees and shipping costs both ways, because, well you know, it's the sellers fault the buyer didn't read. Even if you offer a return policy and explain if the buyer or seller pays for return shipping and if there's any restocking fee to return an item the buyer does not want, don't worry about it. According to eBay that doesn't mean anything, it's just a guideline, we'll force the seller to pay for everything no matter what return policy he may have listed. He's just the seller, what he says doesn't matter.

The followings images show the dispute the buyer initiated because he wanted to return the items that he bought even with a clearly stated no returns policy.

The images actually show the entire thread from the customer's initial contact all the way thru the process of eBay handing down their decision. The buyer didn't bother to answer my question where I asked if he installed them into his security system console. He made no further attempt to even try to work with me. No matter, eBay still sided with the customer even when he didn't bother to answer a question I asked him. God forbid if I wouldn't answer the buyers question, eBay would be all up in my business about that. I guess I shouldn't have even responded in the first place since it didn't matter what I (the seller) had to say about anything--because, you know, it's all the sellers fault anyhow.

The buyer claims that the remotes do not work with his X10 security system console which he says is a PS561. Well, just so happens I have an X10 security system in my own home which uses the X10 PS561 security system console. So I am in the most unique of situations in that I have been able to test the remotes to be sure that they work and that all said testing was done using a PS561 console. I even state as much in the item description. There is absolutely no doubt at all that they worked as I tested all of them the very same morning they shipped. All 6 of them worked perfectly as stated in the description and instructions. According to eBay, nope, still doesn't matter, the seller is still always at fault. I stupidly tested them all to avoid the chance someone may get one that doesn't work to eliminate the possibility of someone getting a bad one. No matter if they work or not, it's still the sellers fault.

The following two images are the email I received from eBay about their decision they made about the purchase the buyer made.

How nice it was of eBay to let me know they are going to stick it to me. They will even automatically screw me by refunding the customers payment when their tracking number shows the package was delivered. Even if the customer returns a bag of dog turds, as long as that tracking number shows it as being delivered, he gets a full refund. Oh thanks eBay for being so helpful in undermining my business and making me feel like you really do care about me as a seller on your site. It just means so much to me as a seller to be so appreciated.

Hmmm! Let's recap all of this to be sure everyone who sells or may want to sell on eBay can know how they will be treated by eBay:

ONE: A customer can return anything for any reason no matter what even if the buyer didn't bother to read the listing as to what he was buying. It's always the sellers fault.

TWO: Even when the items are listed as no returns, the seller can still be forced to take them back because it's always the sellers fault.

THREE: Even when the item being sold has been fully tested to be sure it is absolutely without any doubt whatsoever 100% operational and that the seller states this in the item description, it doesn't matter, because it's always the sellers fault.

FOUR: The customer basically no longer wants the items and claims them as defective to avoid having to pay to ship them back. The seller is forced to pay shipping on the non-returnable items the buyer purchased. The frosting on the cake is the seller is out any and all eBay and PayPal fees as well as losing the cost of shipping both ways. Plus the seller gets their ranking lowered in eBay's search engine because he wouldn't bend over for eBay. Why? Because it's always the sellers fault.

FIVE: EBay forces sellers to use their own online payment service PayPal to accept payments. No cash, checks, or money orders since they can't get their greedy little mitts on any piece of that pie. With their own extortion payment service, it's a piece of cake for eBay to rob from the seller and give to the buyer all the while charging the seller for the privilege of getting screwed. Even that's always the sellers fault.

SIX: No matter what, it is ALWAYS THE SELLERS FAULT. EBay always sides with the buyer no matter what. What eBay doesn't realize is that we the sellers our eBay's customers. Without sellers to sell items on eBay, there would be no eBay. The buyers that purchase from the sellers on eBay are the sellers customers (buyers), NOT eBay's! And eBay wonders why sellers are leaving them like mice from a sinking ship? Gee, I can't possibly imagine why!

When eBay chooses against any seller in cases like this, what they are flat out saying is that the seller is nothing and not to be trusted to even know what it is that they are selling. I know the items that I sell, eBay does not. EBay will completely override any and all policies that a seller sets up for shipping, returns, defectives, exchanges, and in general how their business operates.

EBay automatically assumes that if there is ever a problem that the seller is at fault. That is the default position right out of the gate. To completely undermine the seller, his products, his store, and even eBay itself speaks to a total disregard, hatred, and distrust that eBay has towards the sellers on its own site. I don't know of any other way to say it. EBay does not care at all in the slightest about the sellers on their site. They will side with the buyer every single time without exception.

EBay actively promotes a selling environment of distrust against all sellers by undermining them at every turn. A customer can claim anything and eBay will side with them every single time. Buyers know they can get away with murder because eBay will back them up every time. Rather than booting bad sellers off of eBay, they go at from the other side by rewarding buyers for bad behavior. It's absolutely ridiculous!

The decision makers at eBay don't even bother to read a sellers listing and the email exchanges between the seller and buyer to see how blatantly obvious that the buyer is just plain wrong. They just want you to go away and not bother them with trivial little things like buyers lying and cheating to get their way. Then as punishment for a seller who refuses to bend over and take it up the ass, eBay adds insult to injury by sticking the seller with shipping both ways, theft of eBay and PayPal fees, tarnishes the sellers reputation, and lowers their results in search. Then the cherry on the top is the buyer gets to stick the knife in one last time by leaving negative feedback for the seller.

EBay wasn't always like this. It used to be a great place to sell things where you could actually make a descent living and love doing it. Today, there is a rotting stench that has set into eBay from the top that permeates all the way to the bottom. I do not see how it's possible that eBay can even exist for the next 5 years unless they make some serious changes in their attitude towards its sellers. Just because they say they have instituted new seller safeguards to protect sellers doesn't mean a damned thing. It never will until the underlying contempt eBay has for its sellers is addressed.

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