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X10 Home Automation Slimline Wireless Switch SS13A

X10 Home Automation Slimline Wireless Switch SS13A


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  • X10 Powerhouse brand model number SS13A.
  • Put a switch anywhere, no wiring is needed.
  • Allows wireless ON/OFF/DIM control of 3 X10 lamp, wall switch, wall receptacle, universal, inline, and appliance modules.
  • Requires an X10 transceiver module or security system base receiver.
  • CR2032 Lithium battery is included.
  • Color is white.
  • You can view the instructions online in PDF format by clicking here.

This is the X10 Powerhouse wireless Stick-a-Switch model SS13A. It works with an X10 transceiver module or security system base receiver and any lamp, wall switch, wall receptacle, universal, inline, and appliance module to remotely control lights and appliances. You can control three X10 modules and dim and brighten the lights. The top three buttons are for turning modules on and off and the bottom button is for dimming. The housecode and unit codes are resettable. For example, you set the top button for C-3 and the next two will control C-4 and 5. An LED indicator flashes when you press any button so you can see at a glance that your commands are being sent.

You can place it wherever you want easy access to a light switch without the hassle of tearing holes in the wall and running wires. You just peel the adhesive strips and stick. It's as thick as a standard wall switch cover. Includes custom made labels to easily identify what each switch operates or you can write in your own if there isn't one for your particular application. The labels fit under the plastic so they can't wear off. Includes an easily changeable CR2032 lithium 3 Volt battery.

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  1. Great in areas where you don't have wires to connect!

    Posted by Derf00 6 years ago

    I have this controller installed next to our back patio door as you walk out. It controls the pools waterfall pump, pool lighting, and outdoor garage service door light. A X-10 PRO PAT01 2-way Home Automation Transceiver Module receives the signal from it and sends it to the X-10 switches. The controller is very slim and does not protrude more more than 1-2mm beyond what a normal switch trim ring protrudes so it blends in nicely with the other switch that is there. It uses a thin quarter sized battery that I've used for over a year and it hasn't gone dead yet. When the battery dies, it will be very easy to find at a store and replace. The reason I only gave it four stars is that unlike other X-10 controllers, you are very limited in what it can be programmed to control. You can set it for whatever house code you want but the device ID's that it controls have to be in sequential order. Example: My pool waterfall ID is '1', the pool light ID is '2', the Garage door outdoor light '3', My pool filter pump ID is '4' If I set the ID on the controller to '1', I can control ID's 1, 2, and 3. If I want to control ID 2,3, and 4. I have to set up the controller on ID 2. I cannot control 1, 2, and 4. If you have multiple things you want to control it may require more than just one of these or another model of controller because of this flaw.

Showing reviews 1 - 1 of 1