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X10 PS561 Protector Plus Security Console included in DS7000 kit
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X10 PS561 Protector Plus Security Console included in DS7000 kit


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  • X10 Powerhouse brand security system console model number PS561.
  • No contracts or monthly monitoring fees.
  • Replace your old one or custom build your own wireless security system.
  • Add another housecode to an existing X10 system or use it in place of a transceiver module.
  • Easy installation without tools or wiring! Simply plug it in.
  • Comes complete with the owners manual, 9 volt battery (for backup), phone line cord, phone line splitter, and earpiece (used for hearing the message when recording the dial out message).
  • When triggered it flashes X10 controlled lights, sounds a built-in 95dB siren and optional remote Powerhorn sirens, and calls up to 4 phone numbers.
  • UL listed. 120VAC 60 Hz., 6 Watts.
  • You can view the owners manual online in PDF format by clicking here.

This is the security console (PS561) that's included with the X-10 Powerhouse Protector Plus Voice Dialer Wireless Security System model DS7000. Add additional security components to customize the perfect security system for the person that wants to have three way protection (flashing lights, screaming siren, and phone dialing). There are no contracts or monthly monitoring fees. Directly replaces the security console (DC821) in the X-10 Monitor Plus security system (DC8700) to switch your monitored system over to an unmonitored one. Or you can use this to replace an existing broken PS561 console. You just simply initialize all your existing remotes and sensors into this new console.

When an alarm is triggered, the console will sound a built-in 95dB siren, optional extra-loud remote sirens inside or outside, flash X10 controlled lights and also call up to four telephone numbers. It then plays a message that you record and allows the person receiving the call to listen in. It will continue dialing until the person receiving the call enters 0. (In the recording you could say something like this is so and so's security system at (123) 456-7890, there has been a security alert, please press 0 to acknowledge and listen in.) It can not be fooled by an answering machine.

The security console can be armed in instant/delay and home/away modes. In home mode, motion detectors are disabled while door/window sensors are armed. This allows you to walk around the house yet have your doors and windows protected from entry. The security console monitors up to 16 supervised sensors (supervised means that the console expects the sensor to send a confirmation signal every 90 minutes). If it doesn't get the signal it knows that something is wrong--(weak battery or tampering).

Hook-up is easy, you simply plug the console into any AC outlet and a telephone jack. Connection to a phone line is not needed if you just want to use this for a stand alone security system. It just won't be able to call out.

When the alarm is tripped, a piercing siren built into the console is activated. At the same time, all X10 controlled lights in the home are flashed on and off, alerting neighbors and making it easier for police to identify where the break-in has occurred. This is usually sufficient to scare away all but the most determined intruder. You can add (in any combination) up to 16 wireless door/window sensors (DW534 or DS10A) or PIR motion detectors (SP554A or MS10A) to this console. You can install up to 8 remotes using any combination of security key chain or handheld security remotes (KR10A and SH624). In addition, any of X10's home automation remotes work with this console. Note: Home automation remotes do not count as one of the 8 security remotes. So the number you can use for home automation is virtually unlimited just as would be with any transceiver module.

The status of each sensor is displayed by the LED's on the console. If the LED is OFF, the sensor is OK. If it is ON the sensor has been tripped. If it is FLASHING, then the sensor battery is low or the sensor has been tampered with. The LED's work even when the system is disarmed so you can see what is going on in the various zones of your house. In Run 2 mode (disarmed) the console will chime each time a zone is tripped and can be used as an automatic annunciator.

If any of the security sensors fail to report in at the correct time interval, the sensor's zone indicator on the alarm console flashes an alert. If the owner tries to arm the system, a special warning tone is sounded, and a button must be pressed to acknowledge and bypass the warning before the arming sequence can be completed. If the power fails or is cut, the console continues to protect for up to 12 hours using an easy to replace 9-volt battery back-up and is ready to respond with all features (except for flashing lights since they are AC powered) including telephone dialing and alarm siren. An indicator on the console warns the owner when the battery needs changing.

The security console also functions as a transceiver in an X10 home automation remote control system. To avoid erratic operation of home automation modules, you should not have one security console and an X10 transceiver set to the same housecode. You can have both, but they just can't be set to the same housecode. This console replaces the transceiver in your existing home automation system or can be used to expand it with another housecode. Adding additional X10 security sensors, remotes, and home automation products such as lamp modules, appliance modules, wall switches, etc. is easy since it is already compatible with all manufacturer's X10 products including those from but not limited to GE, IBM, HomeLink, Leviton, Magnavox, RCA, Radio Shack, Safety First, Smarthome, Stanley, X10, and X-10 PRO.

Any remotes and sensors are completely wireless and security coded by being initialized during set-up so that the console will recognize only them. This way someone else can't arm or disarm your system using another remote since it will not be responded to by the console.

Class of X10 home automation device:
Security Console/Transceiver

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  1. I have been using this system for the past approximately 10 years, it works great, just need to upgrade now

    Posted by Bertha Charles 3 years ago

    great system for the, price recommended for your home protection

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